ZOOY Report explanation (For ZOOY Guard Patrol Management Software V6.0 and above)

ZOOY Report explanation (For ZOOY Guard Patrol Management Software V6.0 and above)

  • 1. Raw data

All data downloaded from all device which connected with this software will be displayed here .

  • 2. Data result

Processed data after compared the raw data with schedule . Only display the data fall in the interval the schedule time . The data beyond schedule time will be filter out .

For Example , you scanned 5 tags at time  8:03am , 8:20am , 8:30am, 8:55am , 9:05am
Schedule set as 8:00-9:00am , so

in Raw data , you can find all these 5logs
But in Data result , will only display 4 logs 8:03am , 8:20am , 8:30am, 8:55am, the logs on 9:05am will be filter out since its beyond the schedule time .

Image 1(Raw data report)

Image 2(Data result report)
  • 3. Data count
Contain 4 types display
Can count the elapsed time of each patrol route , and how may circles finished in total within query condition

Image 3 (Data count report)

There are usually required by users who are with random schedule but just ask security guards to finish how many circles everyday. Example as above image, security guards is asked should to check each checkpoint 10tims at least , we found all tags are QUALIFIED everyday except the tag “Fence Block1”.

Report is the key role among guard patrol management software, what’s these different report means ? How can i find the correct data from these report ? This article teach you how to set your software and display you what report as you want.

ZOOY PATROL participated in the 2019 Security China

ZOOY PATROL participated in the 2019 Security China

The largest exhibition in China for security products –Security China ,other similar exhibition CPSE was successfully hold in Beijing this year.

As the regular exhibitor ,ZOOY attend this exhibition for Guard Patrol System.

This year ZOOY published some new models .

Model Z-6600T
A new model with LED touch torch

Model Z-9000
Smart PDA for equipment inspection and patrolling use

Z-6900 GPS Guard Tour System

Bring new products and new technology to all visitors , also share successful solution for the integrator to discuss together and learn how to bring guard patrol system to their familiar or unknown area .

Every year we can get new harvest, more and more distributor start business for guard tour system , more and more integrator and project contractor tell us there are rigid requirement in their tender for RFID patrol system , even some end-user and enterprise know Guard Patrol System can help much for their management , from hospital , bank, army , railway  and petroleum and petrochemical .

ZOOY offer wide choice for users whatever distributor ,  integrator or enterprise user .

Most popular technology concerned from this exhibition

GPRS online transmission
Fingerprint verification to ensure right person attendance
Cloud software management platform

ZOOY’s Online Real Time Guard Patrol System model Z-6700 and Z-6900 became the popular King among online guard patrol solution .

Click for more products details .

Z-6700 Mini GPRS Guard Tour System

Z-6900 GPS Guard Tour System

On-site review

See you guys in Shenzhen next year !